General Dentistry

iTero intraoral scanners

iTero intraoral scanners are designed to deliver speed, reliability, intuitive operations, and outstanding visualization capabilities for general practitioners or orthodontists. iTero scans have been used in more than 3.6 million restorative crowns, bridges, and custom implant abutment cases and more than 13.7 million iTero orthodontic scans, for a total of 17.4 million scans.

Regular Dental Cleanings

Regular dental visits are essential for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. Checking your teeth for tooth decay is just one part of a thorough dental examination. During your checkup appointment, we will evaluate the health of your gums, examine your mouth for any indications of oral cancer, diabetes or vitamin deficiencies, as well as perform a thorough cleaning of your teeth.

We pay special attention to plaque and tartar, since this can build up in a very short time if good oral hygiene is not practiced between visits. If not removed, soft plaque can harden on the teeth and irritate the gum tissue. If not treated, plaque can lead to gum disease.

White Fillings

At Allen Dental, we use white (composite resin) fillings when correcting cavities. A white-colored composite resin filling is the most conservative restorative option for a decayed or broken tooth in dentistry today. The composite resin filling material is available in many shades to match the color of the tooth that it will be placed in. Using a white filling material is not just about aesthetics; it is also about conserving your tooth structure.

When a tooth has decay present and needs to be fixed, a white filling only requires the removal of the diseased tooth structure (the cavity). In contrast, when using silver (amalgam) fillings, healthy enamel and dentin is removed.