Teeth Cleaning

It’s important not to overlook routine teeth cleanings. While home dental care is essential to your oral health, professional cleanings help control plaque and calculus build-up, maintain healthy gum tissue, and remove stain.

The Allen Dental Experience

We understand that not everyone loves the dentist as much as we do, but we are confident that our experienced and knowledgeable hygienists will make you feel comfortable and at ease by explaining each procedure and answering any questions you may have prior to performing any work. Your visit will typically begin with a series of radiographs and intraoral photos if needed. These digital images assist Dr. Allen and your hygienist in evaluating any areas of concern not visible by the eye. Your hygienist will then lay you back in our soft massage chairs for an assessment of your oral health. There are 4 different types of cleanings that may be needed depending on the results of their assessment. All types of cleanings include removal of calculus (tarter), plaque, and bacteria with a power instrument, hand scaling, polishing, and flossing. If left untreated, these foreign substances can lead to tooth decay, unhealthy gum tissue, and loss of bone. Fluoride is recommended for all ages and can be applied after polishing. We strive for patients to keep regular cleaning appointments to achieve and maintain great oral health.